Top sites in Network Profile in iOS app aren't top sites

by Glorfindel   Last Updated June 12, 2019 07:24 AM

I was looking at my Network Profile in the Stack Exchange iOS app, and noticed something peculiar in the top sites: they're not my top sites. The first one, shown with profile text and top posts, is always the 'currently active' site, and then come the two (remaining) accounts with the highest reputation. At least for a dozen other profiles I've checked; my case is rather ... ahem ... puzzling, since my Puzzling reputation (16.7k) is higher than my Chess reputation (14.2k), but it's still Chess that's showing up (left). Curiously, the Android app (right) does show the correct top sites, so it's not an API issue. Once I click the 'All 176 sites', the accounts are shown in order of descending reputation.

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