Position table and graph in Latex using texdoc

by Rodrigo   Last Updated September 11, 2019 21:23 PM

I am new in Latex with stata, for this purpose I am using texdoc, lamentably I have some problem in graph and table position into the pdf document, below I show pdf images and example of my code.

Thanks in advance.

pag1 pag2 My code example:

texdoc init ej.tex, replace



\section*{MY FIRST LATEX :}

This is my first Latex, now I show tables:

texdoc stlog  quietly

clear all
sysuse auto, clear
 eststo:  reg price weight mpg 
esttab using example.tex, label  title(Regression table) replace

scatter price mpg
texdoc stlog close
texdoc graph tar


You can see that result are according to my late jobs.





In figure we see  a nice graph.



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