Cases with long math equation

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What would be the best formatting of the following align and cases where the middle case has a very long math equation.

      V_{ijk}& = \begin{cases}
          \dfrac{y_u+y_l}2 - \dfrac{x_u+x_l}2,& \text{if }x_u < y_l\\[15pt]
          \dfrac1C \bigg[\dfrac{x_u^3-y_l^3}{6}+\dfrac{y_l^2+x_u^2}{2}x_l + (x_u-y_l)\dfrac{x_l^2}{2}+ \dfrac{y_u^2-x_u^2}{2}(x_u-x_l)& - (y_u-x_u)\dfrac{x_u^2-x_l^2}{2} \bigg],
          \\[12pt]& \text{if }x_u\in\left[y_l,y_u\right]\\[15pt]
          \dfrac1{x_u-x_l}\bigg[\dfrac{(y_u+y_l)^2}6 - \dfrac{y_u+y_l}2 x_l + \dfrac{x_l^2}2\bigg],& \text{otherwise}

The main default of this current workaround which is nearly ok, is that there is an extra space before -(y_u-x_u) that is annoying. Note that I put the second if text under second equation because it would be too width for my memoir otherwise. Please favour simpliest solutions if possible :)

Answers 1

I'm pretty sure it is a duplicate. But it is also easy to solve using aligned




  V_{ijk}& = \begin{cases} \dfrac{y_u+y_l}2 - \dfrac{x_u+x_l}2,&
    \text{if }x_u < y_l
      &\dfrac1C \bigg[\dfrac{x_u^3-y_l^3}{6}+\dfrac{y_l^2+x_u^2}{2}x_l
      + (x_u-y_l)\dfrac{x_l^2}{2}
      &+ \dfrac{y_u^2-x_u^2}{2}(x_u-x_l) -
      (y_u-x_u)\dfrac{x_u^2-x_l^2}{2} \bigg]
    & \text{if }x_u\in\left[y_l,y_u\right]
    \dfrac1{x_u-x_l}\bigg[\dfrac{(y_u+y_l)^2}6 - \dfrac{y_u+y_l}2 x_l
    + \dfrac{x_l^2}2\bigg],& \text{otherwise}
August 14, 2019 13:00 PM

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