pgfplots graphics plot in XeLaTeX

by Mårten W   Last Updated August 13, 2019 21:23 PM

The following code is copied from an answer by Christian Feuersänger:


\begin{axis}[enlargelimits=false, axis on top, axis equal image]
\addplot graphics [xmin=0,xmax=96,ymin=0,ymax=96] {Dad64};
\node at (axis cs:49,30) [
    minimum size=3ex,
    pin={[pin edge=thick]-10:Nose}
] {};
\begin{axis}[enlargelimits=false, axis on top, axis equal image, width=6cm]
\addplot graphics [xmin=0,xmax=96,ymin=0,ymax=96] {Dad64};

When built with pdflatex, I get the correct result (same as in Christian's answer), but when I build it using xelatex, I get the following incorrect result:


I really need XeLaTeX. How can I get the expected result?

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