pylatex Change Font of one sting

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how to change the font of the column in the table or change the font of one

from pylatex import Document, Section, Subsection, Tabular, MultiColumn,\ MultiRow def genenerate_tabu(): doc = Document(page_numbers=True)

# Generate data table
with doc.create(Tabular("l l l", row_height=1.8)) as data_table:
        data_table.add_row(( MultiRow(4, data='Description' ), MultiColumn(2, 
            data=MultiRow(2, data='Dealay(ns)'))))
        data_table.add_row(( '', MultiColumn(2, data='Tin=0.6737ns') ))
        data_table.add_row(( '', MultiRow(2, data='AND2D0_LU'), 
            MultiRow(2, data='AND2D1_LU') ))
        data_table.add_row(('', 'Cout=0.0334pF', 'Cout=0.0334pF' ))
        data_table.add_row('A1 - Z', '0.679', '0.681'))
        data_table.add_row(('A2 - Z', '0.572', '0.595'))
doc.generate_pdf("table", clean_tex=False)


I want to change the font of this stirng 'Cout=0.0334pF'

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