How to find a Nature Communications LaTeX template?

by Agape Gal'lo   Last Updated August 13, 2019 21:23 PM

Unfortunately, I do not succeed to find the Nature Communications template on internet. May be I am not looking in the right place, but only find indications on "how" to write.

Of course, I read this question its simple answer, and try to include this code at the beginning of the .tex:


The result does not look at all like what we can find when reading Nature Communications paper (for example, only one column and udge line spacing...).

So, is there a kind of bank for Nature template, as there are a lot (and very easy to find) for PRL, PRX, PRB, etc... ?

Thanks !

Answers 1

The instructions at

say the following, note that they explicitly ask that you use a standard class and don't try to use some non standard macros to approximate the final layout.

TeX/LaTeX — To submit a TeX/LaTeX file, please use any of the standard class files such as article.cls, revtex.cls or amsart.cls. All textual material should be provided as a single file in default Computer Modern fonts. Please avoid non-standard fonts and packages and remove all personal macros before submitting. For graphics, we recommend graphicx.sty. Please use numerical references only for citations, and include the references within the manuscript file itself. If you wish to use BibTeX, please copy the reference list from the .bbl file, paste it into the main manuscript .tex file, and delete the associated \bibliography and \bibliographystyle commands. Before submission, please ensure that the complete .tex file compiles successfully on your own system with no errors or warnings. There is no need to spend time visually formatting the manuscript: our style will be imposed automatically when the paper is prepared for publication.

David Carlisle
David Carlisle
August 13, 2019 20:45 PM

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