Layout chapter in TOC like part but number and layout in text as chapter

by aquila   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:23 PM

I want some chapters to appear at the level and with the layout of a part in the TOC. The chapters should still be numbered with their chapter number (also in the TOC) and should look like chapters in the text (no title page).

A special case of this is the list of abbreviations. Currently, I use:

\usepackage[automake, abbreviations, acronym, nomain, section=part]{glossaries-extra}

With this the TOC looks like I want but in the text there is a title page (empty besides title) which I do not want.

For normal chapters I could use:

\addcontentsline{toc}{part}{Chapter 0}

This results in an entry in the TOC with the right layout but without the chapter number in front. However, the number of the chapter should be shown in the TOC.

Here is a MWE:

\usepackage[toc,automake, abbreviations, acronym, nomain, section=part]{glossaries-extra}



        \printabbreviations %should not generate a title page
\chapter{Chapter 0} %should look like Part 1
%\addcontentsline{toc}{part}{Chapter 0} %no number in front
\part{Part 1}
\chapter{Chapter 1}

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