Double subscript and ! Missing { inserted in LaTeX?

by Neelofar Javaid   Last Updated May 15, 2018 18:23 PM

If $\textit{P}_{\textit{i}}$ is given tile \big($\textit{u,v}$\big), 
then Prob\big($H_p__i, _(u,v)$\big) = 1 while, 
Prob\big($H_p__j, _(u,v)$\big) = 0, for all j $\neq$ i. 

Why I am getting error ! Double subscript and ! Missing { inserted in LaTeX?

Answers 1

The character $ is not for printing “special symbols” such as \neq, but for whole mathematical formulas.




If $P_{i}$ is the given tile $(u,v)$, then $\Prob(H_{P_{i},(u,v)}) = 1$,
while $\Prob(H_{P_{j},(u,v)}) = 0$, for all $j\neq i$. 


I fixed p_{i} into P_{i}: I don't think there should be different symbols, should they?

There's no need to use \big, which adds nothing to clarity in this case. Anyway, it should go inside the math formula

$\Prob\bigl(H_{P_{i},(u,v)}\bigr) = 1$

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May 15, 2018 17:54 PM

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