Import .bib file into .tex file

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How can I import a .bib (Latex Bibliography) file into a .tex (Latex)? There must be separate files but there must be a bibliography into the .tex file.

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Your question is pretty unclear to me, feel free to add any further detail to it.

You may create one text file mybib.bib with contents formatted as follows:

  Title                    = {Once Upon a Time on Stack Overflow},
  Author                   = {{Smith, J.}},
  Year                     = {2015},
  Edition                  = {1th},
  Address                  = {Houston, TX},
  Publisher                = {United Publishers}

and, in the same folder, one file main.tex, with at least one citation:



Text ... citation: \cite{JS2015}.



You save and compile this latter, then compile the bibliography, then compile again one last time.

This is, very briefly, How can I import a .bib (Latex Bibliography) file into a .tex (Latex), standard way. Please post a comment if something is not yet clear to you.

November 30, 2015 21:46 PM

This week I wanted to use Latex offline trough command line and I struggled with this. For the beginners like me here's the solution.

Make sure you have referenced the location of Latex in your $PATH variable. For me (using homebrew on mac) that is /Library/TeX/texbin.

Then you cd to your Latex document and you run:

latex [filename].tex

This will generate an aux file. And then you can run:

bibtex [filename].aux

You compile the latex file again! (Not sure if there is a better solution)

latex [filename].tex

This worked for me.

February 11, 2019 08:46 AM

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