Why does a coordinate system transformations warp distances

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I have the two points in NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_8N

A: 520474.065771355,7146471.63532946
B: 523398.322298721,7146491.17961279,1056.79350172838
Distance A-B: 2925.739824m

When I convert them to NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_10N I get the points:

A: -54764.4762031343,7197193.19405588
B: -51878.0632641406,7196659.83388472
Distance A-B: 2936.689978m

Both coordinate systems are using the same spheroid and datum. What is causing the 11m discrepancy between the A-B distances?

Answers 1

In UTM projection, distortion is small near central meridian, when you move away it increases. A and B are near central meridian in UTM Zone 8. When you convert them to UTM Zone 10, coordinates of A and B are calculated based on in UTM Zone 10.

After converting, points are in the same location on earth, but far from central meridian of Zone 10 in comparison with Zone 8's. Therefore, distortion of A-B distance is more. This is nature of UTM.

Kadir ┼×ahbaz
Kadir ┼×ahbaz
May 22, 2020 22:18 PM

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