Color change when zoomed out large Geotiff (34gb from mosaic .ECW)

by Erik Houtepen   Last Updated September 11, 2019 20:22 PM

Dear Stack Overflow,

I have a question regarding a large geotiff (34gb, exported using Arcmap Copy Raster Tool). We had many troubles exporting the original .ECW mosaic map to a geotiff with original resolution but a smaller extant.. Now the zoomed out map has a yellow coloured lower part of the map

weird coloured large geotiff

When zoomed in yellow hue disappears and only original colours are shown... But only at a scale of +/- 1:600. Is this a wrong export? Or is there a way to fix this?

Maybe I should ask the government contact for a new exported geotiff. This person uses ArcMap, what would be the best way (tool?) to select an extant of a full .ecw mosaiced picture in original resolution

Hopefully someone knows how to solve this.

Kind regards, Erik

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