Street shape data for London

by mbatchkarov   Last Updated August 14, 2019 18:22 PM

I am trying to visualise some street-level data I got, but since I'm very new to GIS I don't know the correct terminology to Google. My data looks like this:

Street, Incident Count
Congo Road, 12
Roydene Rd, 21

Using a combination of geocoding and Leaflet.js, I managed to get something like this:

current state

However, with geocoding I only get the geometric center of each street, so the visualisation isn't very informative. I'd like to get an image, where each street is colour-coded according to how many incidents occurred in it, e.g (excuse my poor Paint skills)

Desired effect

I was thinking I can use OSM to get the coordinates of each node that a street consists of, so I'd be able to represent a street as a collection of points, which would make the visualisation a bit better.

Any suggestions other? Thanks

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