What coordinate system is this?

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I am trying to make sense of geodata which uses coordinates like the following:

(574457.93, 6058460.22)–(574382.72, 6055752.97)

These should be located just west of Vilnius, Lithuania. 54.642587, 25.151125 should be close to the middle between the two points. The points above should refer to the junctions enclosing that point.

The coordinates are labeled x and y, respectively. No further data (such as a Z coordinate or zone) is given.

I did not find any documentation which could give a clue about the coordinate system used. The Y component is close to the northing in meters I would expect, but I can’t make any sense of the X component. If it is easting in meters, the reference meridian would be around 9° E.

The data is from an open data portal of a Lithuanian government agency.

Any ideas?

Answers 1

Looks like the data should be in LKS94 / Lithuania TM with an EPSG:3346.

Given what you said above, the midpoint should lie somewhere around the Lentvario gatve and Kirtimu gatve intersection.

enter image description here

July 12, 2019 18:07 PM

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