Analytical hierarchy process tool - SAGA. How to configure Pairwise comparisons table?

by Sergio   Last Updated April 15, 2019 11:22 AM

What is the configuration and extension (.txt, .csv ...) of the Pairwise comparisons table file requested by the SAGA AHP tool- Analytical Hierarchy Process - in QGIS? Are there examples of applications available?

Answers 1

As of today, working with SAGA through QGIS 2.18 Processing Toolbox would be safer than the latest QGIS 3 (I appreciate your [qgis-2] tag for that reason).

You can use any text format to create the Pairwise Comparisons Table, as far as it can be read by QGIS. I would suggest csv format, as I can just drag and drop it onto QGIS window.

(1) Create csv file;

Please make sure you have one header row, which indicates each input layer. Also note the order of the row (rows 2, 3, 4 in this example) should follow the same layer order. (I mean, row number 2 represents Layer1).

enter image description here

(2) Drag and drop the above csv file onto QGIS

enter image description here

(3) Start Analytical hierarchy process tool and;

(3A)....... select the layer in the order according to the table

(3B)....... select the table layer as the Pairwise Comparison Table.

then, Run the tool.

April 09, 2019 11:11 AM

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