GeoTools support for Goode Homolosine (SR-ORG: 7619)

by ffollett   Last Updated March 14, 2019 19:22 PM

I'm currently trying to implement a project in Google Earth Engine which has many input datasets in the Goode Homolosine projection. When trying to import these into GEE, an error is given stating that crs cannot be determined.

I've gleaned from this post that this is because GeoTools does not support the projection, therefore GEE does not support it.

If my understanding is correct, I want to know if support for Goode Homolosine is planned for GeoTools and if there is anything I can do to encourage/advocate for that support being added. I'm also curious to know how big of a task this is or if anyone can give me a sense of what is preventing implementation if this has already been considered by devs. Is lack of support caused by mathematical complexity of an interrupted projection?

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