Purpose of comma in r.map calc in GRASS GIS 7.4

by Samuel Gachuhi   Last Updated October 09, 2018 20:22 PM

I would like to know the purpose of a comma in r.mapcalc of GRASS GIS. Consider this exampe - r.mapcalc "noise = if(landuse96_28m==1 || landuse96_28m==2, roads_buffers, null())"

In the above example I know the statement means if landuse96_28m is equal to 1 OR landuse96_28m is equal to 2 but after this last digit I get confused as to what the comma(,) stands for as well as the one after the roads_buffers.

If someone would explain to me in a straightforward manner what the comma(,) means I will receive a breakthrough in using r.mapcalc.

Tags : grass r.mapcalc

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