Landsat util error when downloading data

by Jaun van Loggerenberg   Last Updated September 14, 2018 15:22 PM

Ubuntu 18.04.1

I am having trouble when trying to download data using landsat util. Using the following command:

landsat download LC81710792016253LGN01

I get the following issue:

landsat download LC81710792016253LGN01
LC81710792016253LGN01 is not available on AWS S3 or Google Storage
Time spent : 1.69 seconds

I found the scene ID by searching therefore using landsat-util so I know it is available. Some of the stuff I tried was to update USGS using:

pip install -U usgs

And to uninstall landsat-util, the update usgs and reinstalling without any luck. Some other forums suggest to use my credentials which might be the issue because when I use

landsat -h

I get the following message:

--username          USGS Eros account Username (only works if the account has special
                                    inventory access). Username and password as a fallback if the image
                                    is not found on AWS S3 or Google Storage

--password          USGS Eros account Password

So I tried the command again with my credentials:

[email protected]:~$ landsat --username jaun**** --password Ja*****9_ download LC81710792016253LGN01
usage: landsat [-h] [--version] {search,download,process} ...
landsat: error: argument subs: invalid choice: '[email protected]' (choose from 'search', 'download', 'process')

It might be that I use the --username and --password command wrong but there is nowhere on the internet where I can get examples thereof.

Any advice will be appreciated

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