Issue with FEMA OGC Web Feature Service returning HTTP 400 error when attempting to download GML file

by Burrow   Last Updated September 04, 2018 20:22 PM

I'm trying to use an OGC web feature service in some software I am involved in developing. The service is described at the bottom of this page:

The problem I am having is that sometimes this service works and I am able to download data and other times I get an error when trying to download data.

Here is an example:

When I type the following web address into a browser, the web service returns a GML file with some valid data that can be read into any application that supports reading GML files (this example is on the above web page; I have made a slight variation to get it to work):

However, when I use the following web address, I get an http 400 error:

Everything is the same in both addresses, but the second one has different "BBOX" or bounding box coordinates. Both should have valid flood hazard zone data. Do you know why the second request returns the HTTP error code? Is there a way to work around this problem?

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