How can I extract a line segment out of a polyline on the basis of numeric values (distances) defined as attributes [QGIS]?

by user127668   Last Updated September 02, 2018 20:22 PM

I have a set of points (red in the picture) in a shape-file containing an ID as well as two numeric values representing distances in Meters for each point.

After creating polylines for each point via r.drain-GRASS-tool representing flow paths to the points (green in picture), I now need to extract a segment of each polyline that is between a distance A and a distance B from the corresponding point.

enter image description here

So what I need is a shape-file containing a set of polylines, one polyline for each point that is between a distance A and distance B from the corresponding point. A and B vary between the different points.

I tried creating two sets of buffers around the points, one for distance A and one for distance B and then afterwards use the vector overlay algorithms of QGIS but the buffers for different points may overlap and a line will then be clipped by the buffers of two different points.

Is there a way to solve this problem with the buffers or even an easier way to do the extraction using QGIS(2.18 or 3)/GRASS?

Oh, and it is not possible do it manually by editing the features, because I want to use it on a set of several hundred points.

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