Creating flat end buffer using geometry generator in QGIS?

by Mateusz DÄ…bkowski   Last Updated July 12, 2018 09:22 AM

I'm new to GIS software and I've been introduced to QGIS 2.18 as part of my internship.

I was tasked with creating new styles for the company's maps, however I've encountered a problem with one of the requested styles.

I was to create a style for a line that would create a buffer for a line and then apply a gradient depending on the angle of the line (This part I manage to get using geometry generator). However, it returns the line buffers as an oval and I would like it to be flat ended (take a shape as a rectangle).

I am aware that v.buffer.distance allows for creation of flat-ends but I'm hoping for the same result but by using geometry generator so that it could be saved as a style.

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