Merge split road centerline into single line Automation

by Devils Dream   Last Updated July 04, 2018 07:22 AM

I have two feature class according to the image 1 Image 1 One is the polyline feature class named road centerline and other is the polygon feature class Sheet_Index.

road centerline feature class has more than 1 million features. The problem is maximum features are split in respect of Sheet_Index feature (Please see image 2 & image 3). Image 2 Image 3

But, these each split polylines are the same road and should be a single line (Please see the image 4). enter image description here

Some polyline features are not split in respect of Sheet_Index feature (Please see the image 5). Image 5

Whereas the features are snaped with each other. No problem with the snapping.

So, what I want to do-

  1. Each split road Centerlines should be merged into one feature

  2. Each merged polylines should be a single line not multiline if possible

I have to do these things in hundreds sheet and on more than one million features.

So, I need an automation to do so.

Please suggest any python scripting, feature, custom feature, functions, methodology, custom model to solve this problem. I have to solve this problem immediately for the analysis.

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