draw path on indoor map using geoJSON avoiding obstacles

by ooooo   Last Updated March 31, 2018 22:22 PM

I'm a CS student and right now I'm developing an android app that uses google maps API, the problem is the map I'm working on is indoor and I'm facing problems when I want to draw a path from user location to specific location he chose because Directions API doesn't work with indoor map and when using a drawPolyLine method it draws a line that passes through walls, bathrooms, and anything on its way,, so to solve this problem I made a GeoJSON file with linestring and polygon of each obstacle in that map..

and now I want to use the available drawing methods along with the geoJSON file to read the points/polygon and avoid it while drawing the path on the map, I searched a lot before asking and seeking for help but didn't find anything helpful and the deadline of the project is 2 weeks from now,

could please give an idea or anything that could solve my issue?

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