Obtaining relevant information from Carto's format of the the_geom attribute

by mångata   Last Updated January 12, 2018 20:22 PM

I've just started using Carto and wanted to join two files: the shape data and the data from the excel file. They have a common column, so I did the analysis and applied the inner join.
Then I exported the data to a .csv file, opened it and wrinkled my nose at the the_geom column.
Geo data has the following form:
0106000020E6100000010000000103000000010000000A000000BBE929E002B4004C0F7...[+100-150 chars of this sequence]...B84A40.

It looks as if there was a pattern there, at least for first 30-40 chars - a lot of 0s, some Es (probably power)...
How can I extract information so that I'll be able to use it later for an analysis, for example: x/ycentroid, x/y max, area etc. (or refine what I've obtained)?

Tags : carto

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