ArcGIS - Identifying multiple polygon features that contain point features and adding attributes to the table

by P. Kortsalo   Last Updated December 06, 2017 20:22 PM

I have a point layer and a polygon layer, both containing hundreds of records. Each point feature can be within multiple polygon features (max. 4), and each polygon feature can contain multiple point features.

I would like to 1. know which points are inside each polygon feature and based on that analysis, 2. have a new field in the point attribute table identifying which polygon it's within. In case of a point being within multiple polygons the point attribute table would have multiple new fields.

I have used Near-tool which would work perfectly if a point could be only within one polygon (distance to the nearest polygon is 0 and the tool identifies one of the polygons), but in my case it's missing the other polygons a point is within.

Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!

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