Using Intersect and dissolve to divide district into certain regions with data of interest without losing spatial data in ArcGIS Desktop?

by moekloar   Last Updated December 03, 2017 20:22 PM

I am using an intersect/dissolve feature workaround in ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.

I have a layer of districts of a city and another layer of parks in the whole city /layer of noise amount around big streets. I want to compute the coverage of that two features in comparison to the whole district area.

For doing so, i first intersect my layer of parks/noise-layers with the districts layer to get the parks/... in that certain district. After that, i dissolve the outcome for the districts to only have the districts as my main features, as these are the main interest.

My problem arises, when there are no parks or noise layers in a certain district because then the intersect logically cannot intersect anything, so no feature for a certain district is created. When i later want to show the quantities of the coverage to compare the values i have, that certain districts shows up as empty field.

For the comparison i join the dissolved parks/noise-layer on the first district layer over the single districts. As described above, the intersect and with that also the dissolved parks/noise-layer, has for certain districts no data. So in the end these data show up in the districts layer as null values, because they don't exist.

I do not have any idea how to preserve a certain district even if he has no parks/noise-layers inside. I should have value zero but i cant find any option for keeping this, and because that's the scope of the intersect function i would not make sense.

My Main Focus is every single district and if it in the end does not show up i lose information.

Are there other functions that match my need?

Or did i forget something in my workaround?

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