GeoJSON convert Polygons and MultiPolygons to LineStrings and MultiLineStrings

by beaorn   Last Updated December 01, 2017 01:22 AM

Is there a gdal or python based tool for converting Polygons and MultiPolygons inside of GeoJSON to LineStrings and MultiLineStrings? I'm using rasterio / rio rasterize or gdal_rasterize to rasterize GeoTIFF w/ GeoJSON.

I need to read in GeoJSON files and be able to convert any (Multi)Polygons into LineStrings and MultiLineStrings so I can rasterize just the "boundary" or "exterior" of the (Multi)Polygons onto GeoTIFFs and not have it fill in the entire shape. If there is a way to rasterize just the exterior of the polygons without needing to convert to linestrings, I'm fine with that too.

Any ideas?

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