Points and polygons difference issue QGIS

by Clement   Last Updated November 30, 2017 14:22 PM

I'm trying to remove points that are in polygons with the basic difference tool (Vector-> Difference). What I see after the operation suits me because all points in polygons are deleted, but as I open the attributes table, there are the same count of point in initial and processed layers. Is there any issue with this process ? Is there any other process I could use? I tried SAGA difference but it's not available for points.

EDIT: There seems to be no incorect features topology

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I don't think the difference of a polygon and a point is anything but the original polygons. The points just seem to disappear because QGis draws the resulting polygons over the top of your points.

What you want to do is select all the points that are in the polygons using the spatial query plugin.

enter image description here

You can then invert the selection (use the drop down menu)

enter image description here

Then you can save the layer (make sure to save just the selected features) to create a new layer with just the remaining points in it.

enter image description here

Ian Turton
Ian Turton
November 30, 2017 14:10 PM

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