How to create a map of demographics using Canada Census Data?

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I understand this is an extremely vague question. I will start by telling you what I have:

Every time I try to make a query table it gives me this error - 000152 : Invalid input data. I have added new fields, tried changing the .csv, and now I am out of Ideas.

I got it from the StatCan website and I'm using ArcMap

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If I understand your question correctly, you just need to join the csv to the boundary shapefile.

You should use a table join.

Add both datasets to ArcGIS.

Open the attribute table of the dissemination area.

Add a join with the csv based on a common field (dissemination area name maybe?).

If you want the join to be permanent, you'll need to export the joined layer to a new shapefile or feature class OR use the tool 'Join Field' to join specific fields from your CSV to your shapefile.

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December 20, 2016 05:41 AM

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