I am trying to identify the brand of this bathtub faucet

by Jay   Last Updated April 13, 2015 03:09 AM

I am wanting to replace this bathtub faucet without changing the plumbing behind the wall. I am assuming by identifying the brand/type of faucet already installed I could have success by getting something similar?

Current faucet

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Unfortunately, plumbing fixtures have no constancy. There are many, many different makes, and no company makes the same thing one year to another. They all change their models every year, so finding the same fixture is virtually impossible. That said, the stuff behind the fixture tends to be standardized. The handles are attached to what are called "faucet posts". This is what they look like:

shower faucet posts

Most ordinary turn handles will work, and if not, hey, just return them for store credit.

Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden
January 12, 2015 22:42 PM

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