What does the residue of masking and duct tape smell like?

by James Wilson   Last Updated May 22, 2020 21:21 PM

I laid some vinyl and went around the perimieter of my whole room with yellow masking tape and duct tape. Under the vinyl there are floorboards which have laminate the back of which seem to gas noticeable formaldehyde. I know there was also some damp under the floorboards which is no longer getting moisture.

Anyway today I removed the duct tape and masking tape and it has expected a formaldehyde type green smell like if that makes any sense. I’m trying to figure out if the smell was is from damp, laminate or duct tape or masking tape residue.

Can you tell me what the residue of the two tapes smell like? I’m working on Cleaning up the residue but it doesn’t seem like an easy task. Meantime I want to know what this smell is as I’d like to get rid of it and know where to focus my efforts.


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