GFCI daisy chain problem

by Allis Chalmers   Last Updated October 09, 2019 06:21 AM

I'm in a 2006 mobile home that has a GFCI plug in behind my microwave it's the only plug I have for it. Theres five more regular plugs down stream from it that all say GFCI on them because they're protected by that one GFCI behind the microwave. The television is the next outlet down from the last plug in the daisy chain. There are no other items plugged into the daisy chain after the microwave, but when I turn on the tv it pops the GFCI to the microwave and kills those other outlets. The tv continues to work but all the outlets in the kitchen are dead until I reset the GFCI behind the microwave. This didnt happen while the old microwave was plugged in and the tv was turned on. Not sure why the new microwave would change anything since its only showing the time. Can't understand what the tv has to do with anything since it stays on after the GFCI and 5 outlets are dead. Any help is appreciated.

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