How urgent is it to resolve two-prong problems?

by aparente001   Last Updated September 12, 2019 04:21 AM

I have read How do I use three-prong appliances when my outlets are mostly two-prong?.

I have recently moved into a house that has some two-prong and some three-prong outlets.

The place in the kitchen where the refrigerator fits has a two-prong outlet. The house had no refrigerator in it when we moved in. When the new refrigerator was delivered, the delivery person said to go to the DIY store and buy a little adapter. The first couple of days, I ran a heavy duty extension cord over to a three-prong outlet, but when I had time to go buy some adapters, I switched to that method, because I was concerned about the cord being a tripping hazard, as it had to cross the kitchen floor right where the door to the basement and garage opens.

We also have a microwave oven, a chest freezer, and a computer running on adapters. They are all on different circuits except the microwave and the fridge which share a circuit. I know this because yesterday we mapped the circuits by turning on all the lights and then flipping the circuits one at a time and observing the results.

We are planning to resolve the problem at some point. How quickly should we do that? Within one week or one month?

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