Light Switch/Dimmer Question

by mikealm   Last Updated September 12, 2019 00:21 AM

Looking to re-wire a room with a bit different design.

Goal: I have a room which is a living room on one end and an office on the other (two zones if you will) where I am installing can lights. I would like to have each zone of lights separately dimmable. Additionally, both banks to be turned on/off together via switch. So, each rooms light level could be set to 0 - max individually, and all banks able to be turned on/off via a switch.

Existing: I have two working switches wired up in three-way. One switch in the office and one in the living room. The hot feeds into the switch not from the light fixture.

My thinking: I could keep the three-way switches. Wire two dimmers in-line to the three-way.

Am I crazy? Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

Answers 1

So if:
1) power goes into 3 way switch 2) switch legs go to other 3 way switch 3) combined switch leg which powers lights now goes into 2 dimmers 4) each dimmer feeds a wire to a different set of lights

It can work.

An easier thing might just be to get a bunch of philips hue bulbs and program and control them with home automation software - with an added benefit of colors!

September 12, 2019 00:03 AM

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