My Philips TV turns on only after I plug it out many times. How can I fix it?

by Hinko Pih Pih   Last Updated August 14, 2019 14:21 PM

I have a Philips TV which hasn't been working fine for a couple of months now. It won't turn on normally when I press the power button either on the remote or on the screen. I have to plug it out of power and back in five to ten times before I can turn it on.

I have searched through the internet but none of the solutions worked. I have tried plugging it out of power and leaving like that for a while. I have updated the software to the latest version. I have even taken it to the certified Philips TV service, but the repairman said that it worked perfectly fine when he tried to turn it on, although he did not show me that it works fine so I'm a bit sceptical because it still doesn't work at home.

What else can I do?

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It sounds to me like your outlet or receptacle is loose and needs replacing. If you have the plug in and twist to put some side pressure on the plug will it work? If so it’s time for a new outlet.

Ed Beal
Ed Beal
August 14, 2019 14:07 PM

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