Why are corded Drills so different from cordless drills?

by Karthik T   Last Updated June 13, 2019 09:21 AM

Typically the difference between the wired and wireless tool should be the wire or lack there off. However the the corded and cordless drills are both quite different from each other in typical design and extra features.

Typical Cordless drill

Common traits

  1. Keyless chuck
  2. Clutch for screw driving
  3. Light
  4. Spirit level
  5. 2 speeds
  6. Spirit level
  7. Screw/Bit holder

Typical Corded Drill

Common traits -

  1. Keyed chuck is more common (Newest models are often keyless though)
  2. The hook on top for hanging on belt
  3. Usually 1 speed Gear box
  4. Usually has a dial on the trigger to adjust speed
  5. Button next to trigger to lock trigger
  6. Sidehandle and depth stop

Why do these 2 tools look so different? My guess would be that when they were designed corded was for industrial use, and cordless started as hobbyist.. and the design has not evolved as fast as the userbase has..

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