Removing a load bearing wall

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We're remodeling our bathroom and I would like to remove a wall that appears to be there for looks because of the style in the late 60s. I'm wondering if there is any possibility that this wall is a load bearing wall or if I'll have any issues when I remove it. It appears to be more of a decorative wall to me but I would like a second opinion. The wall runs perpendicular to the ceiling joists but there isn't anything bearing down on it when I go in the attic and the exterior wall which I know is load bearing is only about 5ft away. There are 3 or 4 ceiling joist that cross the wall and I plan to replace 1 (maybe more) of the ceiling joist because we found some termite damage when we pulled off the drywall. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have attached 2 pictures of the wall I am referring to and I can go into the attic to take more picture if that would help to see what's up there.

wall 1

wall 2

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The presence of the header signifies load bearing. Do not remove the header or the jack studs on which it rests. The small center post can be removed.

Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart
February 27, 2019 15:09 PM

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