Can I fish Romex cable through concealed part of basement ceiling in Canada?

by Val Blant   Last Updated November 08, 2018 19:21 PM

I am running two 2-wire and one 3-wire Romex cables from the panel in the basement to another part of the basement. For most of the run I have access to the ceiling joists, but I need to cross a 2.5 meter section which is closed off and contains lots of ducts and pipes.

Here's the obstruction. I am thinking of fishing cable between the joists on the top right of the picture:

enter image description here

And a look inside the space: enter image description here

This means that I can't support the cable every 1.5 meters, but Rule 12-520 in CEC says:

Where the cable is used in concealed wiring and it is impracticable to 
provide the supports required by Rule 12-510, and where metal sheeting 
or cladding, metal joists, metal top or bottom plates, or metal studs 
are not used, the cable shall be permitted to be fished.

So I just want to make sure that I understood this correctly. Can I fish the cable through, despite the fact that there are some metal ducts in the space?

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