Recessed luminaire

by jelocum   Last Updated October 16, 2018 11:21 AM

I’m jelocum from Technical department, in a LED luminaire factory.

Next year we are interested in exporting to USA and Canada but previously we are going to obtain the UL certification.

The requirements informed by the UL standard are clear in their documents, but we have a problem about the installation requirements. I contact to you because nobody from NFPA (NEC) have contacted to me after several contacts.

Please give me your professional comments and experience about the requirements for the recessed LED luminaires installation:

1st = Imagine our LED recessed luminaire is already UL certified (UL 1598 standard) For example SWAP model: 2nd = Imagine all our LED recessed luminaires have a maximum temperature less than 90 degree (= IC contact) and less than 4 Kg

Now, here is our total unknowledge about junction boxes, assembling housings, etc…

If our product has a low temperature and it is already UL listed, what do we need?

  • Junction box? Is it necessary to be firmly fixed to any area? Is it necessary to be connected to earth?
  • Housing? Is it necessary to offer a Non-IC, IC or others for this product?
  • Conduit? Is it necessary to offer a special conduit between j-box and luminaire? Can be the luminaire without any housing?
  • Independent element for fixation Is it necessary any element for supporting the luminaire (connector, wire…?

I have read the NEC regulation & UL 1598 but I don’t understand where appear these requirements. I’m expert in CE marking but not in American requirements “out” from the UL standard.

It will be perfect if you can help me or putting in contact with someone.

Thank you so much

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