Can I replace a Maximum Bulb Wattage (Watts) 25 halogen light bulb with 5w LED light bulb? Is it safe?

by Saphira16   Last Updated October 06, 2018 21:21 PM

I purchased 2 of these for 185sf walk in closet. specs say that Max bulb wattage is 25 and come with halogen light bulbs. I replaced with 3w daylight white LED bulbs based on 25w number. The room is too dim. according to specs it is 230 lumens per bulb. each light has 4. 230lmnx4 lights x2 fixtures=1840lumens.

I previously had 2 100w incandescent light there and it was almost bright enough. My guess is that some light is reflected toward the ceiling and that takes away from the usable light. By my calculation this was equivalent to 3200 lumens.

I tried to calculate how many lumens I would need in this room and come up with 30lmnx185sf=5500-6500lmn. 30 is based on what I read on the Internet.

Is it safe for me to replace these with 5w or even 7w LED daylight white 6000k?

I would appreciate an easy to understand answer for someone who is just an amateur, not electrically proficient.

Thank you

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