Frigidaire refrigerator: no ice produced, and no water dispensed. What would cause this besides the 3-way water valve?

by user3235770   Last Updated September 26, 2018 22:21 PM

FFHS2311LBSA side-by-side fridge with water dispenser. Water is not dispensed, and no ice is produced. Common wisdom says the water valve assembly (3 valves, 3 solenoids) is the most likely culprit but I measure ~400 ohms across each coil. In addition, when the water dispenser paddle is depressed, I get 120V across one of the solenoids.

I assume the water runs from the main valve to the filter, then back to the valve assembly, where either the dispenser or icemaker pulls a solenoid to deliver water. This would mean that the main solenoid would have to energize AND also one of the other valves to deliver water. I never see 120v across the main solenoid (when I depress the dispenser paddle).

I could replace the water valve assembly as a shotgun guess but my gut is telling me it's something else. If I'm right about how the valves work, how does the water dispenser send 120V to both the main and the dispenser solenoids? And why would it send 120v to only one of them?

thanks for any help!

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