How to manage wiring if replacing ceiling rose with anchor for heavier light

by Chris   Last Updated September 23, 2018 23:21 PM

I have just moved house and have brought a dimmable multi-bulb ceiling light with me. It needs to be connected with an anchor to the ceiling.

Here is the light.


The light above is attached to the sides of this anchor, which is then screwed to the ceiling.

Light anchor

In my old house, there was only one light on the circuit so it was straightforward to wire. However, in the current room, the light is one of several and the ceiling rose is wired in a standard way like this.

Wiring of ceiling rose

Here is the actual ceiling rose (with the wires for the pendant removed).

Ceiling rose wiring

My question is about how best to manage the wiring, as it seems that the anchor must take the place of the ceiling rose wiring block.

  1. Is is acceptable (in the UK) to substitute the ceiling rose wiring with connector strips within the small cavity between the light and the ceiling?

  2. Am I meant to be reattaching the ceiling rose underneath the anchor?

  3. Is there a better way to handle this?

The house is quite old and will need reworked at some point soon, so I am open to any identification of any problems in the existing wiring.

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