How to drill polyurethane?

by MrCheatak   Last Updated September 09, 2018 13:21 PM

(First of all, moderator, I am not entirely sure this is the right community, so if this is a wrong one to ask this question, I would willingly move it to a more suitable one)
I am building an electric skateboard for which I bought a pulley with a belt that will transfer torque from the motor. This pulley is mounted on a wheel with 5 M3 screws and here is the problem. All skate- or longboard wheels are polyurethane and it turned out to be really nasty to drill. I tried to do it by hand with my screwdriver, but drill bit walks around a lot before penetrating and inclines very easily from drilling axle. And if it did incline, it is almost impossible to drill a hole just next to the previous. I tried freezing the wheel, but it doesn't really make any difference.

So the question is how to drill polyurethane properly?

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