Slow water flow from dispenser

by LenniePaz   Last Updated September 05, 2018 16:21 PM

I have a 3 month old LG refrigerator, and the water flow from the dispenser is slow. It's been slow since day 1, so I had a tech come over, and he's trying to tell me that it's normal. I just moved, and the fridge I left at my old house was a 4 year old LG, and the water flow from the dispenser was amazing. I took a water bottle to my old house before it was sold, and it took 19 seconds to fill it. My new fridge took 30 seconds. Is it possible that the newer models just have slow water flow? My new fridge has great water pressure going into the fridge, and it's not a saddle valve. I had my plumber friend add a valve right into my 3/4" pipe coming into the house, in the basement. I installed a new water filter, and also replaced the water inlet valve, thinking maybe it was defective. The LG help video says that the you should be able to fill a 7 oz cup in 8 seconds or less, and mine takes 11 seconds. I know it doesn't sound like a big difference, but believe me, it takes a long time to fill a glass of water. Does anyone know what else could be the problem?

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