Putting up my new ceiling fan into light fixture

by PROBERT   Last Updated July 22, 2018 15:21 PM

I have 4 ceiling fans I ordered to put these up into 4 light fixture. This one is a bit different that I did put up into replace an old ceiling fan and it was easy for me.

I am not experience with the light fixture because it is different than the ceiling fan.

I have three pictures to attach for you all to look at. I am not entire sure if this is the proper way to install.

Before I started to remove it the picture looks like this enter image description here

So after this I remove this to check what is behind the light so I can know what I need to buy to support the ceiling fan (Yes I did google but it lacks answer my questions). What I found is I have a wood that is behind the light.

Look at the picture here enter image description here

So I remove the black plastic bracket and install this enter image description hereand then this enter image description here and it looks like this enter image description here

My only question is would that be ok if I put up the ceiling fan even if the mental bracket ceiling fan box is under the wall ?

My gut feeling is maybe should I just take out the Ceiling Fan Box with Metal Cover and just leave the Fan Master Jr. Support Box and go ahead and mounting bracket that came from the ceiling fan box ?

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