How to check for enough ventilation for wine cooler

by nachum   Last Updated July 21, 2018 01:21 AM

I have a wine cooler installed in cabinetry with a lower front grille for ventilation. It requires about .5” on each side. I don’t have that space. I have .25” total on the sides. There is about 6” depth in the back, and around 1” on the bottom and .5” on the top. I am trying to make sure I don’t damage the wine cooler. I have bought a temperature controlled outlet. I placed the sensor hanging behind the wine cooler. When the temperature is below 85 degrees F, I keep the power on. If it goes above that temperature, I turn the power off.

This is only temporary to test. I will run the same test with some bottles in there later. For now, I just want to know if this is an accurate way to verify that ventilation is sufficient.

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