How many LED pot lights per circuit?

by nspace   Last Updated June 28, 2018 15:21 PM

How many LED pot lights can I put on a single amp circuit?

Some details:

  • 15A circuit is capable of 1800 watts, if I calculate for 80% load that is 1440 watts
  • Circuit is dedicated to just the lighting
  • Ontario electrical code says max of 12 receptacles or lights on a circuit
  • Plan to use ultra thin LED pot lights (not cans)
  • For arguments sake, lets say each light consumes 15w (most likely lower)
  • Theoretically I can safely power 96 of these lights ( I need a max of 26 )

If I am using the ultra thin LED lights, instead of cans, can I get away with more than 12 of them on a single circuit? My thought process: since they are contained units and not cans, they couldn't be overloaded by user negligence by putting in bulbs that draw more watts, since you can't change the bulbs in these.

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