Plugging compressor into 240v dryer plug (NEMA 10-30R)

by Adam Plocher   Last Updated May 28, 2018 08:21 AM

I've recently received a compressor that has a NEMA 6-50P plug on it. I would like to plug it into my current dryer receptacle which is a NEMA 10-30R.

Voltage and amperage-wise, I think everything should be fine. The compressor seems to have a FLA of 15 amps - so the downgrade to 30amps should still leave more than enough.

It looks like the current plug was added or changed at some point, so I don't know if it was originally 6-50.

My concern is more around the grounding of everything. I went out and bought a replacement plug for the compressor that is a 10-30 but I don't feel comfortable enough testing this without someone (who knows more about this than me) sanity checking my setup.

The compressor itself does make mention of "when grounded supply is available..." with a diagram, so it seems it should be able to operate in either condition...? (see the last pic below)

Btw, I rent the house, so I would like to avoid changing the receptacle if at all possible.

My question(s) is/are:

  • Should I be able to simply change out the 6-50 plug with a 10-30 plug in this case, since the FLA is only 15AMP?
  • Are there any special concerns I need to worry about around the grounding of it?
  • Based on the diagram and note on the compressor, does it appear that I need to change something there for the grounding (I'm a little confused by it).

I've included several pics below which should illustrate exactly how it's currently wired up with the 6-50 plug. I would appreciate it very much if someone could chime in and help me get this switched over to 10-30. Thank you for your assistance!

The new plug:

enter image description here

The old plug:

enter image description here (full res) enter image description here (full res)

The switch on the compressor (one cord is the power cord, one goes out to the motor):

enter image description here

Wires going into the motor:

enter image description here (full res) enter image description here (full res)

Compressor information (including diagram related to grounded vs ungrounded supply):

enter image description here

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