Phillips (non-dimmable) 60W LED bulbs breaking in the light fixture

by amy   Last Updated May 10, 2018 20:21 PM

I replaced all of my light bulbs (CFL's) with Phillips 60W LEDs when they were on sale with coupons last October 2017. They claim they will last 13+ years if used 4hours / day for 7 days a week. 6 months later.... they are flickering in the lights (overhead ceiling fixtures/no dimmers). When I take a look, the bulb has separated where the metal socket and glass bulb meet -hanging off the insides of the bulb and the interior white coating is missing in spots.
Home Depot has given me my money back for some... but they cannot explain what is happening to them. Phillips is asking for receipts - which I do not have anymore. I am about to ramp up my discussion with Phillips - but wondered if anyone else has had similar issues?

Tags : electrical led

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