Drain down heating system

by Alex   Last Updated April 24, 2018 13:21 PM

I'm currently draining my heating system (radiator valve sprung a leak), however I have left it for a ages (1 hour) and it is still going, when I turn the bleed valve on an upstairs radiator air does not suck in but water sprays out.

I've got a cold water tank in the loft, a hot water cylinder upstairs and boiler downstairs, and am draining from a downstairs radiator, I live in a 3 bedroom detached house with 7 radiators.. I've turned off two valves next to the hot water cylinder, 1 feeds from the loft into the bottom of the cylinder, another feeds from the loft into the heating pump, I've also tied up the gall valve in the tank upstairs.

Is this purely a waiting game, or is there still water being fed into my system from somewhere else?

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