recommend a 3-way motion occupancy sensor

by ron   Last Updated April 16, 2018 04:21 AM

my only real requirements are that

  • two motion sensors support a 3-way setup
  • and they are in-wall sensors replacing a standard light switch

The situation is

  • one sensor at entrance of stairwell from main floor leading to basement
  • second sensor far corner of basement room near entrance door from garage
  • I will have a neutral wire at each motion sensor location
  • this will operate just ONE can ceiling light 60 watt
  • I want the light to turn on when entering basement room from either entrance, then turn off not too long after after exiting
  • ability to turn light on or off manually and stay that way until putting both motion sensors back in auto mode


  • high wattage capability, it's just ONE BR30 can light, would never be above 100 watt
  • any compatibility with CFL or LED, don't care & don't need since this one light will only be on 30 seconds when passing through; otherwise there's other lights in the room .
  • any home automation zwave nonsense
  • to waste my time not finding relevant info on manufacturers websites or dealing with people behind a counter or walking down an isle who are not knowledgeable.

I do not need dimming capability, but would be a nice bonus if not overpriced. Please throw some recommendations at me of motion sensors or occupancy sensors that can achieve the above.

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